Ferdinand the bull


In the basements of old Pittsburgh bars, among redwood trees, between highway lines, music comes in moments.

Defined by emphatic, vulnerable lyrics and an introspective indie-folk sound, Ferdinand the Bull is the project of Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter Nick Snyder. Snyder’s smoky baritone and honest, hyper-personal songwriting elevates classic Americana arrangements to a uniquely intimate yet dynamic musical experience. Ferdinand the Bull is an obsession and a meditation on vulnerability and passion - the inescapable nature of feeling and growing. Snyder has taken his band from coast to coast, using interweaving instrumentals and contemplative, confessional lyrics to resonate with the stories of listeners everywhere.

In the forthcoming album Painting Over Pictures, an instrumental backbone supports the honest and intricate lyrical body as Ferdinand the Bull delves into a bigger sound that steps outside the standard formula of songwriting. Snyder paints a new layer over top of a folk canvas with lyrics that read like a diary and sound like an old, distant but precious memory. The earnestness behind the music evokes a touching nostalgia that can saturate an entire room full of people. Compelling and consuming sounds couple with a heartbreaking vulnerability that builds itself around that one moment and blossoms into an outpouring of emotion and music.



Nick Snyder, Bryce Rabideau, Kevin Lynch, and Riley Zimmerman




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Days We Forgot

by Ferdinand the Bull
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