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painting over pictures

Brand new album, released August 10, 2018


Ferdinand the Bull is the project of Pennsylvania-based singer/songwriter Nick Snyder and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Rabideau. Since its inception in 2013, the band has grown from a passion project of Nick’s into a force to be reckoned with in the midwestern folk scene. Their energetic live shows, driven by bold vocal harmonies, intricate arrangements, and a bombastic rhythm section, have captivated audiences across the country.

In their newest album Painting Over Pictures, a colorful instrumental backbone supports a raw, honest lyrical body. Nick’s earnest songwriting and Bryce’s eclectic arrangements make for a compelling combination. The duo draws inspiration from traditional folk and contemporary music alike, and the result is an emotional and infectious record that deepens in meaning and scope the more you listen to it. Boasting an expanded palette that includes a string quartet, a horn section, and a host of other musical textures, Painting Over Pictures is the band’s most vivid and expansive album to date.

Ferdinand the Bull is a meditation on vulnerability and passion - the inescapable feeling of growing too big for your past and yearning to hold on to it anyway.

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Live videos from 8/10 album release show

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Crossing Stars (Live Video)

A sneak peak at one of Ferdinand the Bull's brand new songs from their new album. Our filmmaker friend Ansley shot this in Chicago.


"Alt-folk foursome Ferdinand the Bull has already secured a spot in my musical heart due to taking their name from one of my favorite books as a kid. Luckily, they craft some pretty magical music as well. With the sounds of early Americana string bands and harmony-rich vocal interplay. Get ready, Ferdinand the Bull might just end up being your new fall soundtrack." - Noisetrade Music

"Great, upbeat and fun. Folk rock with interesting and fun arrangements and their enthusiasm was contagious." - InYourSpeakers

Local 91.3 Spotlight on WYEP

Featured in Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“This young group of talented Pittsburgh musicians has been playing together and touring the country for three years now as folk band Ferdinand the Bull... Characteristic of frontman Nick Snyder’s lyrical style, “Wooden Fire Escape” is full of themes about nature and love. Pulsating under Snyder’s vocals is a great backtrack of kick drum and guitar strums that make you want to get up and dance along.” - The Wild Honeypie

  • “The band’s sound and energy is extremely romantic.” - 91.3 WYEP

  • “Alt-folk foursome Ferdinand the Bull has already secured a spot in my musical heart. They echo with the sounds of early Americana string bands and harmony-rich vocal interplay. Get ready, they might just end up being your new fall soundtrack.”  Will's Weekend Wrap-Up - NoiseTrade

  • “Their gig in Corvallis, Ore., home of Oregon State University, inspired non-stop dancing.” - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

  • “All four members find they thrive while on the stage and agree that live music is especially important for musicians and music-lovers alike.” - the PItt News

  • “The songs are well written; and the talent underlying the album, along with the novel setup, indicates that this could be a band that goes far." - Andy Mulkerin, Pittsburgh City Paper

  • "The group's on-and-off-stage chemistry is charming and instantly apparent." - Morgan Everett, Her Campus Pittsburgh

“The crowd demanded an encore in a moblike fashion, MORE FOLK WAS NEEDED.” Scott Spindler (fan)